Reiki Healing

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I was attuned to Usui Reiki in the early 2000s and have twenty years of experience as a practitioner and teacher. Receiving Reiki from others as well as working on myself has helped me experience profound healing. I feel called to support others to move towards healing, restoration, and inspiration through this subtle yet powerful modality.

What is Reiki?

The practice of Usui Reiki involves channeling universal energy (ki or chi, sometimes translated as “life force”) towards healing. This healing may be physical, emotional, mental, relational, personal, and/or collective.

Reiki can be hands-on or sent from a distance. Its reception varies according to need:

~Warm, soothing, restorative: the Reiki flow gently releases layers of pain, restoring a sense of well being and ease. This experience of Reiki usually leaves recipients feeling grounded, relaxed, and at peace.

~Invigorating and enlivening: Reiki can be channeled to break through old patterns and invigorate areas that are stagnating. While similarly grounding, this style of Reiki is more energizing and transformative than relaxing.

I currently offer:

~distance Reiki healing sessions via phone or video chat

~outdoor, in-person Reiki attunements and/or sessions

~multi-modal healing that may integrate healing practices including Reiki, yoga, visualization, and creative expression (writing, art, movement).

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to book a session or to learn more!


“Shilpa Kamat is a true and transformative healer. She has impeccable integrity, grounded in wisdom, compassion, and love for all aspects of life. She is also highly effective in her treatments: many times, she was the only one to be able to unwind the pain of a chronic condition I have had for years. I have had numerous sessions with her and they have all been powerful turning points in my healing and beyond, in my evolution. I owe Shilpa Kamat  the discovery of how powerful Reiki can be!” ~Chloe L.

“Shilpa’s distance Reiki is incredibly powerful. For people who are energetically tuned in, it’s often strong enough to be visceral.”~R.S.

“Shilpa helped me tremendously on several occasions when I was emotionally stuck, as well as facing difficulties in my relationships… Her sessions have had long-lasting impact, and I credit Shilpa for my having more harmonious life experiences at home and work, and more peaceful and honest relationships with myself and others.” ~D.V.

“Occasionally we find ourselves at an impasse in our lives, our roads and inroads twisted and forked. It has been at these times that Shilpa’s quiet, playful guidance and her calm determination supported me. She can help you find your path and move towards happiness and peace.” ~Emily J.

“Shilpa’s presence was comforting and gentle, and she guided me through processes that allowed me to relax and pinpoint the emotional attachments that were preventing me from being happy. She used visualization techniques that allowed me to turn vague emotions into concrete concepts, making it much easier to deal with them and move past them. This was done in combination with breathing exercises and physical postures that allowed me to free myself from old patterns and get comfortably back to my body and present state. Ultimately, she helped me release myself from painful emotions and develop concrete steps to bring my life back to one that I wanted.” ~F.H.


Single sessions:

30 minutes for $50

60 minutes for $95

Multiple sessions:

4 hours for $360

7 hours for $600, $85 per additional hour

Attunements: starting at $200

Creative Economics: I will consider partial or full trades. I truly hope that everyone can access healing without hardship.