Reading at Poetic Tuesdays!

I’ll be joining a group of wonderful poets to participate in a free, outdoor poetic event this coming Tuesday!

More Ecopoetics!

My poem “Weathering,” which explores my experience of this past winter’s atmospheric rivers (and their impact) in Northern California, was published in Zocalo Public Square.

Poem in Plainsongs

My poem “the west coast is on fire &” was published in Plainsongs (Winter 2023). I wrote this poem when the West Coast was overwhelmed by wildfire smoke a few years ago and we were saying goodbye to friends who were moving away, exhausted by yearly evacuations. This image was taken in the middle of…

Poem in Willowherb Review

Issue Five: Constellations of Willowherb Review, a wonderful digital publication featuring nature writers of color, includes my poem “A Lake in Florida Suing to Protect Itself,” which was inspired by an article in The New Yorker and a lifetime of witnessing attitudes and policies that devastate ecosystems.