Poem in SAND 24

SAND, a Berlin-based journal featuring innovative work, published my experimental poem “because plastic may become part of our DNA.” You can read more about the issue here and view the video preview.

A Poem in Jaggery

“My lungs recall unfondly” explores my experiences with ableism in the face of environmental toxins that trigger physical limitations such as allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities. It’s also about more than that. Where does a general attitude or approach to a healing practice step across the line from empowering to oppressive? How can our knowledge…

Poem in Kweli

Kweli’s latest online edition includes “mother tongue.”

Speculative Poetry!

Strange Horizons published “Consequences” and also featured the poem in a podcast hosted by Ciro Faienza.

poetry and decomposers

Rigorous published three new poems, which (among others) contain themes of decomposition/decomposers and their work of breaking down or transforming that which does not serve us so that there can be regeneration/healing. Since tonight is Shivratri, it seems timely to post this content, which includes the story of the churning of the ocean. Soon after…